Beatrice's Diamond | Beatrice’s Diamond Voulez Vous
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Beatrice’s Diamond Voulez Vous

Born: 19.11.2020.
Father: Ch. Russkiy Assorti‘c Yudzhet Sweet Pepper
Mother: Ch. Beatrice’s Diamond Excuse Me I’m the One


Open International champion


Champion of Croatia

Champion of BiH

Junior Champion of Croatia

Junior Champion of BIH

Club winner Croatian schnauzer club show Varazdin 2022.


  • Factor VII deficiency (FVII)
  • Myotonia congenita (MC)
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA B1)
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease
  • Comma Defect (Spondylocostal dysostosis, SCD)
  • Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome (PMDS)

Russkiy Assorti’c  Yudzhet Sweet Pepper

Russkiy Assorti’c Always In Your Heart


Russkiy Assorti’c Tornado Blaze
Russkiy Assorti’s Metallika
Russkiy Assorti’s Daniela Russian Ornament Mengo Celebration
Russkiy Assorti’c  Hoholoma
Beatrice’s Diamond Excuse Me I Am The One  La Leia’s Jet Set Jaxon Ch. Tombola’s Hamilton
Ch. La Leia’s Fabulous Fixa
Beatrice’s Diamond Fifty Shades Of Grey Ch. Top Target Silver Rain
Ch. Beatrice’s Diamond Kai’Mana Kahoni